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Nestled amongst a souk in the original part of the city of Dubai, so this small, cosy, relaxed gem of antiquity stands out like the aroma of a contemporary speciality café. The Dubai Coffee Museum is a melting pot of cultures and showcases a connection of the past and present of the world of coffee – everything from the first methods in roasting and brewing from the world over to the modern methods of coffee, in a simple oriental setting.

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Demonstrated live, these techniques are further enhanced by the wide representation of antique coffee items that bring and brought these techniques, cultures and history to life in a by-gone era. Such styles experienced include Arabic, Ethiopian and Turkish amongst others. I opted for the Turkish and Ethiopian methods, both of which accompanied traditional Turkish Delight and popcorn respectively.

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The second floor of this intriguing museum showcases various coffee literature and documentaries about coffee, roasting and brewing. The experience can be well rounded off with a snack and cup of coffee at the brew bar where one can choose from a wide selection of blends and modern brew methods. The museum’s shop sells various coffee blends and coffee related items.



The Dubai Coffee Museum maintains the international coffee ethos that accompanies its own reputation – relationships matter – through excellent personalised service and attention to all who visit.

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