Trail running involves responses every moment as one navigates where to put one’s feet, allowing one’s legs to seamlessly dance over the technical terrain while one’s body follows suit - arms moving in step keeping the flow as balance beams, eyes focussed on the vision of the two to three metres ahead, predicting and timing one’s next step to align with the three or four to follow over the terrain that is unpredictable as life is.

                               Where our feet lead us? Coffee plantation and Mount Meru (4562 masl) background, Arusha region, Tanzania, January 2020.

Yet, most if not all trails are not blazed. Someone has gone before. Always.

Everyone is a follower of something or someone. trailblazer.africa is about obeying the Trailblazer “who is and who was and who is to come in running our race of Life.

                               Africa Calling was cemented after visiting Cape Agulhas, Africa’s most southern point on 17 April 2019. We resisted the call at that point. Painfully not recommended - rather obey.


Whom do you follow?

Navigating one’s journey along the trail involves constant movement, constant adjusting, never settling for the ordinary, always being aware for the next extraordinary change underfoot and then adapting. It’s an adventure where one can cover quite a bit of terrain! nations?

                               Underfoot uncertainty: climbing dunes in Sossusvlei, Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibia, proved to be more challenging than estimated, July 2019. Joseph had to turn back and descend at one point unable to reach a high point in 40 degree Celsius heat while barefeet - on a dune that had no prior footprints. Lessons learnt rather than failure. Each step we take in obedience in Life is a lesson in faith, even though the terrain can give way like sand…

As we traverse our continent, following Him, so we hold onto Him and His vision even if life and the underfoot is uncertain - that’s a given. Just adjust. Constantly. Be ready, step, leap, and even jump if necessary. Especially when it looks impossible! 

“What is impossible with man is possible with God.” – Luke 18:27

                               5 May 2021: drawing the route from East Uganda through 5 nations to South Africa exactly one year on from starting the very painful and traumatic process of overland repatriation expedition in 2020. Such is the terrain…keep stepping…

God in Jesus is the trailblazer of nations. Nations will bow down before Him. Worship Him. And as this is the reality we find ourselves in, like with the adventure of running trails, so is the reality in continuing to respond in what that means and looks like on our adventure of Life. Obedience.

“And the gospel must first be proclaimed to all nations.” – Mark 13:10

Africa Calling is a step on this trail - nations is another, over a terrain that is constantly as uncertain, brutal, yet beautiful as life is in every way. Keeping our eye on the vision and next step that is in Jesus Christ, so we continue to navigate ourselves in our race as we obediently follow Him to the nations

                               Always. African. nations. 29 weeks pregnant, KwaZulu-Natal south coast, South Africa, September 2020.

What race of nations are you running?

Journal: Jethro Journeys


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