What we like about Trailblazing is the discovery of something we never knew existed until we made a new trail on our Life journey. And some trails do not exist. Such is the case with Zebrakop in the Western Cape of South Africa, one of South Africa’s twenty-four 1000 metre prominent peaks, at 1458 masl. We had no idea this peak was anything of prominence until we realised we look up at it each morning when we awake. 

Thousands drive past its magnificence each day passing the Groot Winterhoek Wilderness Area heading towards the Cederberg Mountain Catchment Area across the valley which creates an amphitheatre of massifs that form somewhat of a shield of the southern peninsula of Cape Town two hours drive south. 

                               A snow covered Zebrakop, centre, a few weeks before summiting, with The Tower, left.

No access allowed unless by prior arranged permission of the landowner, the summiting of this peak endeared no trail underfoot, nor use of known GPS tracks available anywhere. Just a visibly clear Spring day that was as spectacular as the mountain itself. Enjoy this Tale of Joseph with Jonathan Newman of Johannesburg figuring out a trail and summiting this high point overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Photographs including Joseph courtesy of Jonathan.

Starting adjacent to a Protea farm, the hike traversed some sections reminicent of the Drakensberg, landscapes of the Cederberg and classic rock formations of the Groot Winterhoek mountain ranges.


                               Protea sugarbush plant.



slide19Zebrakop summit, 1458 masl. South Africa’s fourth most prominent peak. Magnificent!

                               Special place: Uganda Mount Elgon single origin pourover, via Wings Coffee Roasters, with the Cederberg Mountain Catchment Area background, home to the Cederberg Traverse 100 km Trail Run.

                               Looking south towards the Groot Winterhoek Wilderness Area.

                               Looking north towards Elandsbaai and Atlantic Ocean, background.


Otter African Trail Run – 7 October 2021


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